Bagsealing machines

Stiegler U900 W-TSL

Carrier bag making machine

Öz-Mak universal bag cutting machine

Bottom seal and side sealing machine

Dieck Elektronik AB 3000 VDS/STF

For the production of pallet hoods, pallet liners, octabin ...

Waterline Ritebag KS900-1

Machine for pouch bags with 3 side seals

Limax Alpha 1100

Limax bottom seal machine with flying knife

Coemter Ter Block 1054 N3 IL

2 lanes fully automatic T-shirt bag making machine

Arvor 1474 BB

SOLD Bottom seal machine with blocked bags function

Stiegler TS800

Side sealing machine

Stiegler T800

Side sealing machine

Stiegler TS800

Machine for spare parts

Stiegler TS1200

SOLD Machine for spare parts

Elwa ELB-FA-1600

SOLD Bottom seal machine with automatic folding table

Dieck Elektronik ABW-A 2005

Machine to produce bags with tear off perforation on the ...

W&H CSIII-3202

3-side seal bag making machine


Wicket machine

Lemo Intermat 1350 BSZ

SOLD Bottom weld bag making machine

Dieck Elektronik SMRL 1600

Bottom weld on roll bag making machine

Avenir 1100

Bottom seal machine with flying knife and needle stacking