Limax Omega 575 RH

Right hand multi servo wicketer
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Product SKU BS-318
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Unwind Stand & V Board
• 1500mm surface motor driven unwind stand with hydraulic lifting of film roll
- Max. mother film diameter : 1000mm
• 1 x 76mm diameter Aluminum airshaft
• 1 x 152mm diameter Aluminum airshaft
• Photo-electric line guide
• Trimming knife with blower and trim winder
• Dancer section to maintain proper film tension
• V Board folding triangle – with tip gusset former – located on top of unwind
• Additional set of disc type gusset former

Main Bag Machine
• AC servo operated infeed roller synchronized to main draw roller
• Pneumatically driven single roll dancer for tension control
• Pneumatically operated 2 x wicket hole puncher with safety cut knife & edge guide
• Photo eye for print registration
• Pneumatically driven Gusset Presealer – for gusset depth up to 100mm
• AC servo operated draw roller
• Seal head assembly on mechanical cam for PE application complete with air blow down system – seal head mounted on 60mm solid cast iron frame
• Pneumatic system for seal head lift on emergency interrupt
• AC servo operated seal-roll
• Water cooled heat shield complete with water tank and circulating pump
• Upper and lower air stripper fingers

Wicket Mill & Conveyor Stacker
• Wicket mill with 2 x eight vacuum pick-up arms
• Quick change belt mounting sections
• Static eliminators
• AC servo operated wicket pin conveyor with 6 stacking stations
• AC servo operated left/right movement of wicket pin conveyor
• One step wicket pin adjustment
• Control panel with touch screen
• Vacuum system for the wicket mill
• Vacuum unit for the extraction of cutout waste

Technical Specification :
1. Maximum draw (bag width) : 320mm
2. Minimum draw (bag width) : 120mm
3. Maximum bag length) : 700mm
4. Maximum machine cycle speed : 250 cpm
5. Operating speed : 220-230cpm depending on bag size, film gauge and quality
6. Year of Manufacture : 2019

7. Brand of machine components
a. Servo motor s : Bosch Rexroth, Germany
b. Servo drives : Bosch Rexroth, Germany
c. Machine controller : Bosch Rexroth, Germany
d. Machine touch screen : Bosch Rexroth, Germany
e. Modem (remote trouble shoot) : Ewon Netbiter, Sweden
f. Static eliminators : Fraser, UK
g. Inverters : Fuji, Japan
h. Temperature controller : Omron, Japan
i. Pneumatics : Festo, Germany & SMC, Japan
j. Hole punches : Pearl, USA

Machine can be adjust with a complete windmill to wicket pin collecting conveyor section to allow a max draw of 450mm bags using a combination of usable existing parts and supply of new parts.